Individual and Couple Psychotherapist

I would like to welcome you to my practice.  Your interest in this web site suggests you are considering therapy.   It is not always easy for people to make this decision, so I congratulate you on your interest and  commitment to explore change.  Hopefully this site will help you in your decision process, but I would also  like to encourage you to contact me in person with any questions or concerns you might have.

A successful therapeutic experience is one that can enrich your life, lead to more connected relationships, provide a deeper awareness of self and give your life meaning.  Although there are many different therapy models, research has confirmed that certain factors are  essential to create therapeutic change.  Exploration of self is a necessary part of psychotherapy.  Clients should feel understood and safe, and the therapy experience must be authentic and clear.  I invite you to take the first step and I look forward  to speaking with you to discuss the role that therapy can play in your life.

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